What type of children’s book manuscript should I submit?

The KDCC Award alternates between celebrating middle grade/young adult manuscripts and picture book manuscripts. In 2022, the award will go to the author of a picture book manuscript. 


Can I submit more than one manuscript?

You may submit one manuscript per year.


Can I submit if I’m agented?



Can I submit if I’m published?



What if I reside outside the US?

International applications will be accepted. We respectfully request that you please submit your application in English. Also, please keep in mind that the award covers tuition only and that all travel, meals, and accommodations expenses will be the responsibility of the awardee. 


Do I have to be an SCBWI member to submit?

Yes. If you’d like to become a member, click here. 


Can I submit if I’ve been awarded another SCBWI award this year?

Yes. If you’ve won an award in your local SCBWI chapter, you may still apply for this award.


Can I submit if I’ve been to the SCBWI Annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles before?

Yes, although priority will be given to those who have not attended the SCBWI international conference previously.


Is there an application fee?



Can I send art or a dummy/graphic novel panels?

We are only able to accept manuscripts; no art is accepted.


What other resources or opportunities can help me get to the conference should I win?

Regional SCBWI grants may be available in some regions for travel to the international conference — check with your Regional Advisor. You can also contact your state/regional/national arts commissions and councils ask about professional development grants. If you’re a teacher, your teachers’ professional organization, district, or school might be able to assist you.


How will entries be judged?

Judges will consider both the manuscript AND the answers to the short-answer questions.


What if I still have questions?

Email us at: katedopirakaward [at] gmail [dot] com.